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The NEW TEKS Checklist cards are designed to make sure all aspects of the TEKS are covered in both classroom instruction, as well as, assessments.

About GF Educators

GF Educators Inc. is dedicated to providing "on-target” instructional materials that focus on the depth and complexity of the State of Texas Academic Assessment of Readiness (STAAR) that are assessed based on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).

GF Educators Inc. has a reputation throughout the state of Texas in providing quality instructional materials in Texas classrooms for the past twenty years in preparation for the TABS, TEAMS, TAAS and TAKS tests. We are Texas teachers that are Texas based and we only concentrate on the Texas standards, format and assessment.

The educators of GF Educators Inc. take their jobs seriously in placing focused instructional materials for mastery in classrooms throughout Texas. Hours are spent studying the specifications of the student expectations in all the materials provided to teachers by the Texas Education Agency. We updated our books with a focus on assessing each of the TEKS properly, according to the verbiage outlined by each of the TEKS. The level of difficulty demonstrated by our materials is reflective of that required by each of the TEKS.




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