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The NEW TEKS Checklist cards are designed to make sure all aspects of the TEKS are covered in both classroom instruction, as well as, assessments.

Assessment Books

The Assessment Books provide on-target Benchmarks and Category Tests that were specifically designed to meet the blueprints provided by TEA.  These books are designed to be used in conjunction with each other.  The Student Edition is comprised of TWO Blueprint Benchmarks and Four Category Tests of 20 questions each.  There are no repeated questions on any of the tests and each question was written specifically to address the associated TEKS. 

The Assessment Books contain the following sections:

  • Blueprint Benchmark Forms A and B (SE)
  • Category Tests for Reporting Categories 1, 2, 3, and 4 (SE)
  • Answer Form (SE), Answer Key (TE)
  • Items Broken Down by Category (SE and TE)
  • STAAR Chart for Visual Representation of Data by Category (SE)
  • Item Analysis to be used as a follow up (TE) 

All Teacher Editions (TE) are reproducible. The TE contains an answer key, an answer key by category, and the Item Analysis section that can be used as a re-teach after the Benchmark.  Student Editions (SE)are sold as consumables with a minimum order of 10 books.  The SE contains the two benchmarks, four category tests, answer forms, and a STAAR Chart for progress monitoring.

Elementary Assessments (Grades 3 - 5)

Secondary Assessments (Grades 6 - EOC)

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