Professional Development

GF Educators takes great pride in the amount of research we partake with regards to educational theory and the TEKS.  In each workshop, we provide in-depth analysis of the TEKS, how to implement them in the classroom, and how to incorporate the latest in brain research to ensure engagement in the classroom.

Professional development focused on the teks

GF Educators produces more than just test preparation material many of the other companies produce.  We have products which can be used during the entire teaching cycle from planning, through instruction, and assessment.  The expertise we garner by focusing only on the Texas standards (TEKS) provides a unique perspective to our products.  Companies which produce products for many different states and/or the common core curriculum merely adapt those materials to the TEKS.  GF Educators produces all workshops specifically for the TEKS.

TEKS Conferences

Each year, we tour Texas and host Reading, Writing, Math, and Science workshops in various cities.  

Grades Elementary and Secondary


Join us for a series of one hour seminars provided online.  These seminars are recorded and can be viewed at any time.  Reading, Writing, Math, Science

Grades Elementary and Secondary

on-site development

Bring our experts to your campus or district for an on-site full or half day of professional development which can be modified to meet your specific needs.  Reading, Writing, Math, Science

Grades Elementary and Secondary

TEKS Conferences


Each workshop is developed around the TEKS and provides in-depth analysis on implementing the standards in classroom instruction and assessments.

Need a Brain Break?  We all do.  Make sure your students stay engaged by incorporating the latest in brain research.

Aha moments arise all the time during the workshops as we unveil connections within and between the TEKS.

Reading (Day 1) Grade 3-8

Instructionally Transitioning from the Old Reading TEKS to the New Reading TEKS  

Writing (Day 2) Grade 3-8

Facing Improvement in Writing plus a Transition in New TEKS focusing on the 4th and 7th grade Writing STAAR

Math (Day 1) Grade 2 - 5

Explore how the TEKS are set up horizontally and vertically to teach Operational Fluency.

Math (Day 2) Grade 6-Alg 1

Explore how the TEKS are set up horizontally and vertically to teach Algebraic Geometric Concepts.

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Join us live for a webinar while relaxing in your own setting or watch a previously recorded session when you have time.  These webinars focus on specific aspects of the TEKS and methods of implementation in the classroom and in assessments.

participate in real-time

Join us live and ask questions throughout the one hour session.

Recorded sessions

Every webinar is recorded and made available for viewing when your schedule permits.

real-time training

The schedules are set up to align to provide training throughout the year when the topics are fresh instead of having to wait until the summer.


View the recordings of each webinar to refresh your memory prior to incorporating the TEKS into your lesson plans.  

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on-site professional development

We can come to your campus and provide a half or full day of training modified to the specific needs in your district.  The training is lead by one of our leading experts in the TEKS and provides a perspective only garnered by those who spend everyday studying and evaluating the TEKS and how they are assessed and incorporated into classrooms.