GF Educators - Step up to the teks

Our focus and mission is to develop the best products we can for the teachers and students of Texas.  We began developing products for Texas teachers and students over 30 years ago when the TABS test was first introduced.  As the standards and testing has continued to evolve in Texas, we have been there the entire way through the Essential Elements and TEAMS testing, through the transition to the TEKS with the TAKS Test and now the STAAR Assessment.  We are dedicated to developing materials focused on the TEKS and the TEKS only.  We do not develop materials for use outside Texas.  This focus on the TEKS gives us a unique insight into the intricacies of the standards used within Texas classrooms and the struggles our teachers and students face as they try to implement these standards.  Everyone who develops materials for GF Educators has had extensive experience within a Texas classroom and most have developed district wide resources or worked within TEA.  

Our Leadership team

The leaders of GF Educators have all been dedicated teachers of Texas.  Their focus is on producing the types of products they would use in the classroom.  

Gayle Fuller - Founder

Gayle founded the company 35 years ago while teaching in Muleshoe, Texas.  As a teacher, she was frustrated with the lack of materials focused on the specific needs of her students.  She developed her first books based on the Essential Elements and the TABS test.  She has insisted on the continual focus on the needs of teacher and students in Texas classrooms throughout the entirety of the company's existence.  This desire to improve education in Texas has led to the many varying products throughout the last 35 years from the TABS Test to TEAMS Test. Her products made major changes as the TEKS were introduced with the TAKS Tests and now through the second revision of the TEKS and the STAAR Assessments.  Each step along the way, she has insisted on being true to the needs of the classroom teacher and the standards taught in Texas.

Kris Fuller - Chief Educational Officer

Kris has worked in various positions with the company for 20 years.  He has authored over 20 books starting with a secondary math assessment book for the TAAS test and continuing through the latest revision of the TEKS and STAAR Assessments.  Kris also has over 10 years of experience teaching math in secondary classrooms throughout Texas.  With a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and a Masters in Educational Psychology, Kris brings a practical approach to our product line with a focus on products which can be used throughout the entire teaching cycle from understanding the curriculum through instruction and assessment.  

Kris has written products ranging from 2nd grade through Algebra II and from TAAS (Essential Elements) through STAAR (TEKS).  This far ranging experience gives Kris a unique perspective on the standards of Texas and how they are assessed by TEA. 

Dr. Lyn Crowell - Director of Mathematics

Dr. Crowell has thirty years of experience as an educator in Texas public schools. For twenty-two years, she taught 7th, 8th and 9th grade mathematics, including Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry. She also taught an after-school intervention course for several years. While earning a masters in Educational Leadership and a doctorate in School Improvement, she was a district level instructional coach of teachers in grades 6 th  through 12. During her studies, Dr. Crowell presented research at national and international conferences and was named Blumberg Scholar from the Council of Professors of Instructional Supervision for her research on instructional coaching.  In 2012 Dr. Crowell joined GF Educators, Inc. as a writer and now serves as the company’s Director of Mathematics.

Charity Riley-Rose - Director of Science and Professional Development

Charity Riley-Rose, M.Ed., is a passionate and experienced educational leader who endeavors to create lifelong STEM learners by supporting and leading educators. Currently Charity is the Director of Science and Professional Development for GF Educators, Inc., which includes developing all science educational materials and managing our professional development offerings including specialized math, reading, writing, science, and brain-training workshops, district and campus professional development, conference presentations, and online webinar trainings. Charity has been a keynote and district trainer for brain compatibility training and fun ways to incorporate full brain learning in all classrooms.

Charity spent 21 years in diverse educational roles that gave her an expanded view of best practices for student learning. Charity taught for 10 years in Texas public high schools. Her specialty was high school science including Chemistry, Biology, Physics, IPC, and Principals of Technology. In 2009, Charity joined the Texas Education Agency as a science content specialist and was promoted to assessment manager for math and science. In addition to managing the math and science assessments, she worked as a manager for the accommodations task force (ATF) and all braille assessments, which allowed her to understand the development of reading, writing, math, and social studies in addition to her expertise in science. After TEA, Charity developed new skills at Pearson by creating computer simulations for science assessments, guiding various states through assessment and curriculum upgrades, developing materials aligned to NGSS standards (Next Generation Science Standards), leading development of alternative assessments for state testing, and evaluating data to improve instruction in classrooms and on state assessments.

Kathleen Newman - Director of ELAR

A magna cum laude graduate of Texas A&M University, College Station, with a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education, Kathleen Newman has worked with GF Educators since 1989. While teaching in San Marcos CISD, she completed her Master’s degree in Elementary Education with an emphasis in Reading and Gifted and Talented Education. After working in the Big Spring and San Marcos school districts, Kathleen left teaching to be at home with her children. It was during this time that she began working with GF Educators. Kathleen has served as a writer, consultant, editor, and now Director of ELAR. Her passion is providing relevant and uplifting materials for students to read as they practice and improve their language arts skills.

Kathleen enjoys reading and writing (of course!), as well as camping, hiking, and outdoor adventures with her family. She and her husband  are parents to eight children and grandparents to two adorable grandchildren. Residing on their ranch in northeast Texas, the Newmans are active members of their church and community.