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GF Educators is focused on the standards of Texas (TEKS) and the best ways to incorporate them into Texas Classrooms.  Throughout the year, we will give you some insight into the TEKS and provide information on new products or specials. 

Back to School Specials - TEKS Checklists

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Welcome Back to School.  To celebrate another school year, GF Educators is offering our updated Reading and Science TEKS Checklists for $39.95 each.  Pre-order now and we will ship them by September 1st.  

TEKS Checklists

The TEKS Checklists combine an in-depth understanding of the TEKS with vertically-aligned expectations from surrounding grade levels. This tool was developed by teachers for teachers as a must-have road map! Wondering what to do for RTI? The vertical alignment helps teachers to understand the concepts that were taught in the previous grade and determine the correct place to begin instruction. The TEKS Checklists are designed to make certain all aspects of the TEKS are addressed in classroom instruction and assessments.  The updated reading TEKS Checklist will cover all 7 Strands of the updated TEKS.  The Science TEKS Checklists incorporate the streamlined TEKS into this format for easy transition into this year's curriculum.