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Released Tests Analysis

Friday, February 8, 2019

Kris Fuller

The 2018 Released Test have been posted on the TEA Website.  We have done the analysis for you.  Take a look at these free resources (Currently Math only).  


3rd Math Analysis 2018 4th Math Analysis 5th Math Analysis

3rd Math 2018

3rd Math 2017

3rd Math 2016


4th Math 2018

4th Math 2017

4th Math 2016


5th Math 2018

5th Math 2017

5th Math 2016


6th Math Analysis 7th Math Analysis

6th Math 2018

6th Math 2017

6th Math 2016


7th Math 2018

7th Math 2017

7th Math 2016



8th Math 2018 (Coming Soon)

8th Math 2017

8th Math 2016



Algebra I 2018 (Coming Soon)

Algebra I 2017