2nd Reading Practice TE



  • Many nonfiction passages address Science and Social Studies TEKS
  • Reading comprehension reinforced with content-area information
  • Reading and content area TEKS identified in passages and questions
  • Guided Practice to ensure understanding before Independent Practice


Grade-Appropriate Passages

  • Literary texts
  • Informational texts 
  • Vocabulary 


Readiness and Supporting Standards

  • Readiness and supporting concepts isolated in short passages to facilitate direct instruction 
  • All concepts addressed in full-length integrated passages


Continual Assessment During Instruction & Practice

  • Open-ended questions to assess comprehension
  • Students describe content concepts


STAAR Format/Thinking

  • Integrated passages are similar to STAAR passages in length and rigor
  • Paired passages (grades 4 - ELA II)


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Accompanies the 2nd Reading Practice Student Edition.