3rd Reading Practice TE


  • Majority of Nonfiction and Expository Passages address the Science TEKS
  • Reading Comprehension reinforced with Science Information
  • Reading and Science TEKS Identified in Passages and Questions
  • Teaching Models for Teachers to Model Critical Thinking while Critically Reading
  • Guided Practice to Ensure Understanding before Independent Practice
New STAAR Concepts
  • Poetry and Fables TEKS addressed in Literary Categories
  • Greek and Latin Roots linked to Origin of English words addressing TEKS
Readiness and Supporting Standards
  • Readiness Concepts Isolated in Short Passages to Develop Critical Thinking Skills 
  • Supporting Concepts addressed throughout Passages
Continual Assessment during Instruction & Practice
  • Open Ended Questions to Assess Comprehension Understanding
  • Students Rewrite Nonfiction & Literary Passages for Assessment of Comprehension
  • Students Describe Science Concept Covered
STAAR Format/Thinking
  • Integrated Passages same Length as those Assessed
  • Paired Passages Comparing Different Genres



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Accompanies the 3rd Reading Practice Student Edition.