4th Math Problem of the Day SE


Assessments for Learning (6-Alg I) and Problem of the Day (3-5)

The Assessment for Learning Book is designed for daily use with secondary student. The student edition contains a Pre-Check to assess the student’s prior knowledge on the concept, a Quick Check to check to see the students are understanding the new concepts during the lesson, and a Daily Quiz to asses the students learning after the lesson.  There is a Reporting Category Quiz for each reporting categories which allows for a blueprint ready benchmark test, with data tracking methods.  The teacher edition contains teacher notes to be used during the lesson with the Pre-Check and Quick Check. The Teacher edition also contains two Ticket Out the Door for each standard. 

The Problem of the Day book is designed for as a daily math journal for elementary students. The journal provides daily math problems designed with a spiraling of knowledge from
previous years and the current year. There is a Fun Friday TEKS-tivity to end the week with a focus on the learning of the week.  The teacher edition contains teacher notes for each daily problems and Fun Friday TEKS-tivity pages as the students are working. The teacher notes include facilitating questions to ask the students as they are working.


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Accompanies the 4th Math Problem of the Day Teacher Edition.