5th Reading Practice SE - Spanish


Updated and Written for the NEW ELAR TEKS

Every Step Up to the TEKS Reading Practice Book is written specifically for the New Reading TEKS (not just aligned, but developed for the sole purpose of teaching the TEKS).

Our books are developed based on the latest findings in educational research and include activities, guided practice, and independent practice, along with formative assessments for feedback throughout the learning cycle. The books use short passages to focus on individual concepts and include full-length passages to facilitate instruction for the newly-adopted ELAR TEKS. All of the Reading TEKS are addressed in our Reading Practice Books. In the teacher edition, each activity and question is keyed to a TEKS. Analysis of questions is provided to teach students to gather information and draw conclusions based on evidence.

The reading books contain the following sections:

(WU) Warm Up: Anchor charts for visual understanding and hands-on activities reinforce prerequisite skills for the TEKS addressed.
(TL) TEKS Lesson: The concept and level of difficulty required for the TEKS addressed are presented with an anchor chart and activities. This is to be used as a teaching model. Each TEKS Lesson includes a “Why do I need to know this?” section to engage and motivate students to learn and develop important skills.
(GP) Guided Practice and (PP) Partner Practice: This is interactive instruction providing multiple opportunities for students to process learning and practice skills.
(IP) Independent Practice or (FA) Formative Assessment: A short passage with multiple choice and short answer questions done independently without teacher or peer assistance qualifies this as a formative assessment for the TEKS concept.


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Accompanies the 5th Reading Practice Teacher Edition - Spanish.