5th Science Assessment TE


Each Assessment Book comes with TWO Blueprint Benchmarks and Four Curriculum Based Assessments (CBA) of 20 questions per test.  Every question in the Assessment Books was written specifically for the Science TEKS.  The Teacher Editions and Student Editions are designed to be used in conjunction with one another.  The books contain the following sections:

  • Blueprint Benchmark Forms A and B (SE)
  • CBAs for Reporting Categories 1, 2, 3, and 4 (SE)
  • Answer Form (SE), Answer Key (TE)
  • Items Broken Down by Category (SE and TE)
  • STAAR Chart for Visual Representation of Data by Category (SE)
  • Item Analysis to be used as a follow up instructional tool (TE) 

All Teacher Editions (TE) are reproducible. The TE contains an answer key, an answer key by category, and the Item Analysis section that can be used as an instructional tool after the Benchmark.  Student Editions (SE) are sold as consumables with a minimum order of 10 books.  The SE contains the two benchmarks, four CBAs, answer forms, and a STAAR Chart for progress monitoring.



View a Sample of the 5th Science Assessment Teacher Edition by sending an email to info@stepupteks.com asking for the password.


Accompanies the 5th Science Assessment Student Edition.