TSI Practice TE


The TSI Practice Book is a comprehensive book aligned to the College and Career Readiness Standards that are tested.  The book focuses on provided students the opportunity to practice the mathematical concepts required by the CCRS.  Each question is written specifically for the CCRS standards.  The independent practice pages are designed to cover all aspects of the CCRS tested.  Practice books contain:

  • Background Information Pages including alignment of the CCRS to the TEKS
  • Multiple Choice and Open-Ended Questions are provided
  • Engaging Activity for each CCRS tested
  • Teacher Notes
  • Guided Practice and Teaching Models for each CCRS tested
  • I can… statements and essential questions for each CCRS tested


All Teacher Editions (TE) are reproducible. Student Editions (SE) are sold as consumables with a minimum order of 10 books.


View a Sample of the TSI Math Practice Teacher Edition by sending an email to info@stepupteks.com asking for the password. 


Accompanies the TSI Practice Student Edition.