4th Writing Practice TE


The Step Up to the TEKS Writing Book is divided into two sections; Written Composition and Revising and Editing.


The Step Up to the TEKS Writing Book provides twelve writing prompts. Included is a special section which addresses the development of an enriched writing vocabulary utilizing word substitution lists and activities.  A major portion of the composition section is devoted to ELABORATION!  The degree of elaboration can take a composition from a score of "2" to a score of "4."  The book targets elaboration of sentences and the use of descriptive verbs so the reader can visualize the scenes and events in the composition.


The Revising and Editing section provides twenty-two short passages which focus instruction on specific TEKS. Spelling patterns and rules are emphasized for frequently misspelled words. The passages meet STAAR specifications and are followed by ten to twelve questions TEKS-based questions.


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Accompanies the 4th Writing Practice Student Edition.