5th Science Practice SE


5th Grade Science practice books cover all 5th grade TEKS and focus on Readiness and Supporting tested TEKS. The practice books contain:

  • Background Information with TEKS, Vertical Alignment, associated vocabulary, and essential questions (TE)
  • Classroom Activities including lab investigations and vocabulary activities to enhance student understanding of concepts (TE and SE)
  • Graphic Organizers for visual reinforcement of concepts (TE and SE)
  • Journal Writing and Reading Selections for Readiness standards to integrate cross-curriculum learning (SE)
  • Guided Practice questions to help students review learned material (SE)
  • Independent Practice for content reinforcement (SE)
  • Answer keys (TE)


All Teacher Editions are reproducible. Student Editions are sold as consumables with a minimum order of 10 books.


View a Sample of the 5th Science Practice Student Edition by sending an email to info@stepupteks.com asking for the password. 


Accompanies the 5th Science Practice Teacher Edition.