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Elementary : Reading : 6th Reading Power Review Teacher Edition



6th Reading Power Review Teacher Edition (6RPRTE)

Reading Power Review Books are designed as a complete, intensive practice course in preparation for

STAAR testing or retesting. It contains direct, engaging, multi-sensory instruction for all
of the assessed Grade 3 English Language Arts TEKS, as well as pre-assessments and a
final assessment.

Power Review Structure
Power Review is divided into 10 lessons which are designed to utilize a one-hour
instructional time block. This format can be used for regular classroom instruction, tutorials,
or summer school. A pacing guide is included for 10 days of instruction.
  • Lessons 1-10 include Understanding and Analysis Across Genres (Category 1). This includes TEKS that focus on vocabulary development, theme and genre. Category 1 TEKS are included in the Formative Assessments and are the subject of each Exit Slip.
  • Lessons 1-5 focus on Understanding and Analysis of Literary Texts (Category 2). This includes a pre-assessment followed by instruction and practice for poetry, fiction, literary nonfiction, and sensory language.
  • Lessons 6-8 focus on Understanding and Analysis of Informational Texts (Category 3). This includes expository and procedural texts, as well as media literacy.
  • Lessons 9-10 feature a Final Assessment which includes both literary and expository text.
Lesson Structure
  • Inspirational quotes and test-taking tips for each day encourage students to do their best work. Take time during your teaching to discuss these with your class.
  • Mini-Lessons are used to review topics.
  • Anchor charts in the student book address key concepts. Review these with your students as they complete the activities and assessments for each topic.
  • Activities include large group, small group, partner, and individual experiences in which concepts are reinforced.
  • Formative Assessments and STAAR Practice materials give students multiple opportunities to "show what they know.” After the students read the selections and answer the questions, it is imperative that you take time as a class to discuss and analyze the questions. This helps students understand exactly what the question is asking, why the correct answer is correct, and why the other answer choices are incorrect.
  • Wrapping It Up brings the day’s lesson to a conclusion with a journaling response directly related to the topics addressed. Model appropriate writing behavior by journaling along with your students.
  • Exit Slips are used before taking a break or at the end of class to provide vocabulary practice for each day. Blackline masters and an answer key for these are located in the appendix of the Teacher Edition.

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